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What is "Molly Moon's Jewel Box"?

The website is sponsored by Kazumi Miyoshi, the Japanese translator of "Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism" (Hayakawa Shobo edition) and Georgia Byng, the author of the book aiming to bring courage and a challenging spirit like Molly Moon to the audience. The "Molly Moon's Jewel Box" provides the audience with rich information and contents such as "Molly Moon Encyclopedia" (Glossary) to enjoy and understand more about Molly Moon.

What is "Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism"?

This is the hottest children's book written by Georgia Byng and published in May 2002 in United Kingdom. The book has and will be translated into more than thirty languages over the world for publication. The film by 20th Century Fox is supposed to come in a few years. The Molly Moon fever will soon arrive!!


UK : Macmillan Children's
US & Canada : HarperCollins
Basque : Erein
Bosnian : V.B.Z
Catalan : SM (Cruilla)
Croatian : V.B.Z
Czech : Egmont Czech
Danish : Gyldendal
Dutch : Vassallucci
Finnish : Soderstrom
Faroese : Bokadeild
French : Albin Michel
German : Hanser
Greek : Psichogios
Hebrew : Keter
Hungarian : Egmont
Icelandic : Bjartur
Italian : Fabbri Editori
Japanese : Hayakawa Shobo
Korean : JoongAn M&B
Norwegian : Aschehoug
Polish : Egmont Poland
Portuguese (Brazil only) : Record
Portuguese (Portugual only) : Presenca
Romanian : TREI
Russian : Egmont
Serbian : Narodna Knjiga
Slovak : Aktuell
Slovene : V.B.Z
Spanish : Ediciones SM
Swedish : Egmont Richter
Thai : Pearl
Turkish : Beyaz Adam


Orphan Molly Moon was found as a baby in a box marked eMoon's Marshmallows'. She lives in grim Hardwick House, ruled over by monstrous, hairy-faced Miss Adderstone who makes her clean the toilets with her toothbrush. As if that wasn't bad enough, Molly's best friend Rocky is suddenly taken away to a new life with new parents.
While moping around the library Molly finds a mysterious old book on hypnotism and her life changes overnight. She discovers she has an amazing power to make people do anything she wants them to. Miss Adderstone is soon completely under her control, and Molly plots her daring escape from the orphanage. With some dazzling flashes from her hypnotic green eyes, she boards a jet bound for New York, where she hopes to find Rocky, fame and fortune.
But a sinister stranger is following her every move. He knows Molly's secret and is determined to use her extraordinary gift for his own evil plan.

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