Letter from Georgia  
  ジョージアからの手紙 著者写真1
  Dear kazumi
  Well, I think I have found a moment to write and tell the visitors to the Molly Moon web site what I've been up to.
I will go back to January 2002. Let me set the scene. I finished Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism in December 2001 and I was completely exhausted. You see I had a small baby. By January 2002 my baby was six months old. Six month old babies usually still wake up a lot at night, and they are very demanding, even though they are only as big as a bag of potatoes. I felt out of energy, partly because of the work I had to do to finish the first book and partly because of this naughty baby.
  The trouble was, I had signed a contract in which I'd promised to produce a second book by December 2002. So, I had twelve months to write another book. I didn't know whether I would write another Molly Moon book. I was so tired that I didn't think I had another idea in me. Not even hiding in my little toe. I felt spent. This was when I started to feel a bit scared. Help, I thought. What if I can't think of another idea? What if by June I still haven't even started another book? Help.
Then, I had an idea. I thought I would go and see a hypnotist. There was a brilliant hypnotist I had heard of. I knew two people who had gone to see her because they smoked packets of cigarettes a day, and smelt like old chimneys, who really wanted to stop smoking but who couldn't. This brilliant hypnotist stopped them both smoking after one trip. You see, hypnotism is a real and very powerful thing. So I went to see her.
  'Please,' I said, 'will you help me. Hypnotize me not to worry about writing my next book in time because it's really starting to stop me from being able to write anything at all.' The clever hypnotist said that she couldn't stop me worrying exactly but that she could put me in touch with the creative side of myself, and that might help. 'Yes please,' I said. 'I'll have some of that.'
So, she hypnotized me. It was lovely, like a mind massage (if you've ever had a back massage, it was a bit like that, but in the mind). And my mind felt like it opened up. As the session went on, I felt like there were millions of ideas inside me. I felt warm and very comfortable about reaching inside myself for them. I walked home satisfied and freed from my worries. I wrote the first draft of the book. Molly Moon Stops the World, is its title.
  In it, Molly discovers that she can stop time. I've always wished I could stop time, to catch up on everything. I always liked the idea of being the only one moving in a still world - only if it starts moving again of course. I set the book in Los Angeles, and put a lot of silly Hollywood people in it and a powerful, sinister hypnotist villain.
Then, in the summer I realized I ought to go back to America, to remind myself of Los Angeles, so that it would sound real in the final book. I went there for two weeks with my thirteen year old daughter (she was twelve then), my baby and my boyfriend, Marc, who is an artist. We had a groovy time. That was July 2002.
  In April 2003 the book was finished. I worked like a madwoman for months to get the final edit done. I have a wonderful editor called Marion and she was really helpful in pointing out where the book wasn't or was working. Finally the book was finished.
Then in May 2003 I went on a three week tour in America. I went to seven cities. New York, Cincinatti, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Dallas and Los Angeles. It was a very busy trip. I went to lots and lots of book shops and talked to thousands of people. I always love to talk to children and hear what they have to say too, so I was extremely happy. I met lots of pug dogs too, as people brought them into the shops because of Molly's pet pug, Petula. It was really amazing to see America like this. I was put up in plush hotels and driven about in a big black limo. My little boy went to the zoo in every city! He saw seven zoos. Tiger, my daughter was at school in England for most of the trip but came out to Los Angeles at the end.
  I was very pleased because Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism went down very well in America, and even made it onto the New York Times bestseller list. All this summer I've been writing a short story about Molly. It's called Molly Moon's Hypnotic Holiday. It is for something called World Book Day. Children can have it free. Sadly it won't be out in Japan because I'm not sure if World Book Day happens in Japan. So really, it shouldn't be called World Book day, should it?
I have moved house and am thinking about my next book. I think I'll go and pay that lovely hypnotist another visit. I hope you've all had a great summer. May the autumn and winter and spring treat you well now.
All the best,
Georgia Byng
September, 2003
  Author Message
  Congratulations for making the wise and inspired decision to come to Molly Moon's Jewel Box.
Molly Moon's Jewel Box is the first Molly Moon site in the world which is very exciting, I can hear Petula barking about it now.
  Doesn't the English language look and sound so different to your language? And there are definitely all sorts of things that happen in my country that are different to the ways of Japan. My book must have been very difficult to translate.
Sometimes I shiver to think what could have happened if I had a bad translator working on the book. They could have cut out all the jokes, or made Miss Adderstone too nice or made Molly someone you wouldn't like. Goodness me they could translated the book wrong. But luckily I didn't have a monster translator. I had a brilliant one. Kazumi Miyoshi is her name. And you know, I didn't have to hypnotise her to be brilliant. She just was. She asked me about a million questions to make sure that Molly Moon would come to you exactly as she should do. Then, to make sure that you would really understand the funny world of Molly, Petula and Rocky, of horrid Miss Adderstone and smelly Nockman, she's made this site for you. If there are things you don't understand about the book, they will be explained in this site.
  I hope you enjoy Molly Moon's Jewel Box, and hopefully it will be kept alive by Molly's popularity and all of you out there....
Thank you for coming to this site and happy clicking.
With all my best wishes and bon voyage,
Georgia Byng
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